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5 Beauty Tips for Date Night

Date night is special for every woman. This is the night you want to feel beautiful and special. You want your man to have eyes only for you, right? This calls for the perfect hair, make up, outfit and scent. But, there are so many ways women tend to over-do things, or simply make the wrong choices, when it comes to preparing for a date. Allow me to simplify things, and offer you some very useful beauty tips to prepare you for your special rendezvous.

1. Skin Care

5 Beauty Tips for Date Night Preparing for a date starts the night before it. Take the time to do your skin regimen before going to bed. Dermatologist recommend these steps, for fresh, clean and fair looking skin.

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2. Hair Care

Whether you decide to go to a salon, or style your hair yourself, what matters is that you like how it looks on you. Having a hairstyle that you like, adds to your confidence, because it makes you feel more beautiful.

3. Nail Care

Finger nails and toe nails may seem like no big deal, but believe me they matter a lot. I'm not saying a manicure is necessary. Not all women are into coloring their nails. But one thing is certain, seeing a date with dirty nails, or toe nails will be a big turn off for your date. So, make sure to trim and clean your nails.

TIP: Brush your nails with toothpaste and water. Your nails will be neat and clean in no time.

4. Oral Care

The rule with oral care when going on a date is that, you should always be ready to be kissed. Brush, gargle, floss and use a tongue cleaner too, for that fresh minty breath. Always have a mint or breath spray available in your purse, just in case you pick a meal that has garlic in it.


Bonus: Attitude

You are beautiful... Smile more and focus on the good things, while on your date. As the song goes, "You're never fully dressed without a smile." So, leave all negativity behind and just allow yourself to have fun.

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo.

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